Mathematics as we know is considered as one of the most developed branches of Science yet the least understood.  Mathematical understanding is a critical process to all teachings.  A student that fully understands the process and applications will be rewarded with academic success.  

Everything that the human race need to have are already provided, it just need to be discovered.  It is the same thing with Mathematics.  Various mathematical techniques were laid-out and computer, which has highly evolved.  

It is not new that students often sleep or loss interest in Mathematics.  They arguably say that only arithmetic is essential, and that higher math is only for those who plan to make a living out of it.  May it be true or not, it would still be helpful if they learn to accept and not shy away from mathematics.  It is not what they learn in the subject that would help them, it’s the thinking skills that would be useful in day-to-day life.  However, times have changed, as it always did.  The old school method of iron fists and sticks wouldn’t work in a pool of modern, liberal, and assertive students.  They have to discover the joys of learning which is acquire through multimedia.    

Multimedia is considered as the most recent development in education and training. It is the combination of computers, sound, and visuals to create an instructional package. The challenge now is how to reach the learning children with these technologically advanced multimedia facilities.  To know how to benefit from multimedia instruction will make classroom experience easier for teachers and students alike.

By: Ms. Lizel D. Mañalac | Teacher I | Magsaysay National High School

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