Pupils or learners today are interested and excited to attend their class because of the use of multimedia or new technology in teaching. Before, teachers are fond of using pictures, manila paper and other traditional instructional materials to facilitate learning , today multimedia is fast becoming a part of the teaching-learning situation in the class be it elementary, highschool or college.

The use of multimedia in teaching proved to be an effective way of transferring learning. Since our children today are exposed in televisions and computers, they will no longer be interested and they will be bored in the class if teachers will be using the old method of teaching, thus teachers today are encouraged to use modern facilities in teaching.

Studies reveal that the advantage of using multimedia in teaching are: it allows the teacher to present his lesson in a more interesting and entertaining way, it arouse the keen interest of learners in the use of modern facilities,  learners experience hands-on activities and it leads to the active participation of the class in the discussions.

By: Mrs. Alma V. Signio-Teacher III | Abucay North Elem. School-Abucay District

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