In our world today, success can be measured on how much one’s career is influenced by technology and globalization.  This is because technology is developing very fast.  And it is making people more connected to each other, more globalized.  One factor which makes this possible is the development of technologically advanced multimedia.

Technology has made it much easier for people to satisfy their needs and desires and become more productive.  There is this much desire to communicate, to facilitate learning and to become more related with one another.  Before, this existed through travel, migration, trade and the spread of culture.  But today, development included improvements in transportation, printing, shipping, sound and video recording, and computer technology. The rise of the Internet contributed greatly to this increasing connectedness.

In education, success may also be related to the proper use of multimedia advancement.  Education now will be incorporated with different multimedia applications since the potential significance of multimedia applications in the educational environment cannot be overstated, and it would appear that the multimedia revolution has finally arrived.

Multimedia as stated has become the most used and misused term in education. The multimedia blitz has taken business, industry, and education alike by storm. The proliferation of educational and training materials incorporating digitized sound, speech, images, and full motion video, with high speed computers and videodisc players that break the paradigm of linear, teacher-driven instruction promises to revolutionize the way we learn.

By: Ms. Lizel D. Mañalac | Teacher I | Magsaysay National High School

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