The Municipal Fire Station was temporarily relocated at a small building adjacent to the covered court complex in Saint Michael Village in 2003 due to the rehabilitation of the Municipal Building.  The building was being used as a venue for the Homeowners Association as their meeting hall and as a Barangay Day Care Center until it was taken over by the Fire Station. The building consists of three rooms, two small rooms and a toilet.  One room was being used a sleeping room for two or three firemen on duty while the other small room is being used a lounge to watch TV.

Outside there is a male and female toilet for the people who use the covered court.  The male toilet was closed due to major damage done by users.  The window was covered by patches of plywood, the exterior wall was used to hang the fire safety equipments and few lockers.  Also, two portable bamboo-bed (papag) being used as the conversation bench during the day and bed at night. Mosquitoes are having a feast on those firemen sleeping on the bamboo-bed.A table was placed on a bare ground level as dining table for twelve people.  A small gas cooking stove sits adjacent to the dining table and being used a kitchenette for the group.The Fire Station has several  small pet dogs, has two fire trucks, one has a fake license plate, the other has no plate, both are not registered with the LTO. (Who is going to question the absence of license on the two fire trucks, of course none.) The two fire trucks are equipped with 1 1/2 inch of 50ft in length each. (Larger than a garden hose? , where are the larger fire houses?) The last time I checked, there were twelve people;  a Fire Marshal, a Nurse/firewoman, 8 firemen and two volunteer aides.  The Nurse/Firewoman, when on duty shift, is being allowed to go home because there is no place to sleep.  Firemen could be observed during the day wearing just a shirt, some in shorts and rubber tong sleeper.  Sometimes being seen walking to the market/town proper/neighborhood; shouldn’t at least  those on duty be in uniformed similar to Policemen?

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