Virginia is her name. She was an 88 year old woman who is now on bed of sickness.

As I see her smiling face but with weary eyes, my heart keeps on beating fast and feel inspired and not nervous.

I am inspired because once in her lifetime that old woman who happened to be my “lola” became a public elementary school teacher in Bulan Sorsogon.

Ma’am Virgie as her pupils call her, served as an inspiration to all of them after the World War II.

Mamay, the way I call her, remind me that I should love my profession. This love will lead me on good teaching, on right strategies and techniques that I can use as I go on everyday doing my noble tasks.

She told me that an effective teacher does not come from a book or college course. They learn to be effective by finding out what works and what doesn’t.

As we reminisced her past life as a teacher, she gives me some tips that will serve as my key to be one of the best teachers.

First, she said that, SENSE OF HUMOR helps on relieving tense classroom. This will make an enjoyable classroom that will encourage the pupils to attend classes regularly.

Second,    the OPTIMISTIC ATTITUDE of the teachers that inspire students on learning.

Third,  CONSISTENCY.   In order to create a positive learning environment, students should know what to expect from a teacher each day.

Furthermore, FAIRNESS is also important. A fair teacher treats students equally in the same situation.

Lastly,  FLEXIBILITY.  A teacher is not only a facilitator of learning but also a mother, brother, sister, a pastor, a priest, an actor or an actress because our clients are humans with emotions. We are expected to be in charge and take control in any situation.

Indeed, that short conversation with my Mamay inspired me more to do my tasks in molding good JUAN DELA CRUZ of this nation.

By: Ms. Judith T. De Leon | Malaya High School | Mariveles Bataan

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