It was 1986 when I graduated in Bachelor in Elementary Education. At first I didn’t really want to become a teacher. Becoming an accountant was my first love . But that was a long story why I landed as a teacher.

I considered myself lucky because I ranked 4 in Division Competitive Examination in 1986 . All top 10 applicants were given special positions in  the nearest place where we live.  Comparing the hardship of landing a national position in elementary school, we were really lucky . We didn’t experience the stigma of political influence in applying for teaching position.

I have accumulated many sad and happy memories of chalenging experiences and frustrations . I thank God for letting me become a teacher. Becoming a teacher taught me to become patient . Dealing with different kinds of pupils taught me to strengthen my stress tolerance . I learned to laugh with my class whenever humurous incidents  occur in our class discussions. I really love to laugh with my pupils. It help me relax my mind and forget some of my problems .

Now… I am about to embark the avenue of becoming a principal. I wish I could be of service to my stakeholders . May God gave me a big heart to deal with them according to His will , an open mind to welcome improvements and skills  to manage the school rightfully.

By: Rowena M. Lisud (Master Teacher II Limay Elem. School)

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