Motivation is a process that arouses, sustain and regulate human. Educators like us have a lot to do with our students’ motivational level. A student may enter in class with a certain amount of motivation.
The teacher’s behavior, teaching style, the composition of the course, the nature of the homework and informal relations with students all have an outsized effect on student motivation.
Every classroom consists of a wide range of students and each of them brings different learning styles, interests, and life experiences. To motivate the students is a big challenge to all the teachers.
There are several ways that teachers can tap into the individual learning styles and interests of students, thus making learning more fun and meaningful at the same time. Be sure that a classroom is a unique and special for learning.
One excellent way to start is by having strong classroom management skills, other than that provide choices, set up a sense of belongingness and use peer models.
This will help you to motivated and win the interest of your students.

By: Lesly B. Clavel | Teacher III | Orion Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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