Restructure means improving. This is the common word on the articles discussing about the program.

We heard negative feedbacks or reactions from different sectors about this new curriculum.

Arguments both for and against have been laid-out.

What is the reason why the government is pushing through with this curriculum?

According to some officials, the present country’s economic decline is due to our present educational system. Thus, the Department of Education’s K to 12 Program is the concrete response to reverse this steady decline and to move toward its goal of a long term educational reform and sustainable economic growth.

The K to 12 Program will upgrade the basic education program improving the knowledge and skills needed to become a productive citizen of the country.

It will introduce relevant skills development courses and special interest subjects that will fit the personality, strength and career direction to each student.

At present situation, we are giving more importance to finish  college education because this will lead to better employment while in this new program, the graduates of senior high school had the opportunity for improved employment and entrepreneurship while ensuring that the graduates has the competencies to pursue college immediately or at some later stage.

In a simple explanation, the K to 12 Program will open doors for more jobs for the youths even without college diploma. This is an advantage to those who had no enough resources for tertiary education.

On the other hand, critics said that the K-12 Program will increase the number of out-of-school-youth considering the expenses needed by the poor families for the transportation, foods, school supplies and other school expenses for their children.

Also, they added that the achievement scores and performances of students worldwide do not defend on the length of schooling of the learners. It has something to do with the qualities of education transferred to students.

Furthermore, they also said that the government does not have enough resources for the implementation of the said program.

We all know that every program or curriculum on the educational system has its advantages and disadvantages. If we will not give this program a chance, we will not able to see the positive and negative effect of it’s to our system that will affect the economy.

It’s been long years that our basic education consists of 10 years only. Why don’t we give the K-12 Program a chance?

Let us support this program for we all know that the government wants the best for his PEOPLE.

By: Mrs. Ella Cecilia O. Llanes | Malaya High School | Mariveles, Bataan

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