National Achievement Test (NAT) is always given in the first week of March. This covers the five major learning areas which include English, Mathematics, Science and Health, Filipino and Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, Sibika (HEKASI). Before classes start in the next year, the results would already be given in order for the teacher’s to have a basis in improving their teaching performance.
An in-depth examination of the given results, shows that pupils tend to get high scores in the subject  where teachers usually perform poorly. Based on this scenario, a conclusion can be drawn that NAT results are the reflections of teachers’ ability in teaching the subject.
In this existing situation, the saying “You cannot give what you do not have” has once again been proven right. Thus, administrators must be aware of their teachers; capacity in teaching the subject. They should determine where their teachers really excel and give them the proper loading. If it happens that a particular teacher does not have the right spirit to handle a particular subject, do not give him that kind of subject, or else the quality of education will suffer.

By: Gerald B. Tayo | Teacher | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Ibayo, Abucay, Bataan

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