Recognition  in being on top after the administration of the National Achievement Test ( NAT ) for Grades III & VI pupils  has always been the  point of debate in every corners of a public elementary school. Every school wants to be tagged as the topnotcher for many reasons … recognition ,  promotion , reclassification, and simply because  it was considered to be a measure of success . 

But being part of the system where everyone knows that there are leakages every year , countless times when teachers are getting mischievous just to get a highly applauded score  causing them to be in serious trouble , who can really say that it’s a measure of success??? After interviewing some pupils from different schools , what seems to be disgraceful is that  they are laughing at the fact that  they are provided with answers even the day before the exam . They even mentioned that they were asked to forget the good habits  and discipline their teachers tried to develop all these years . And for the sake of what ??? Recognition??  Will there be a fulfilment on the part of the so called “ ACHIEVERS “?  It’s not really the test that made it worthless and unacceptable but the people behind it  As for me , there are other measures of real success, so let’s not go with the flow. Let’s  do the right thing. Get it done with conscience and dignity . Getting on top after a fair fight is  what success is all about anyway.

By: Mrs. Priscilla M. Flores | Teacher III | Tapulao Elementary School | Orani, Bataan

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