Reminding everyone that child abuse is a crime, in Philippines it is covered by R.A. 7610 ” Act Against Child Abuse, Exploitation, Discrimination and Other Purposes””Child abuse” refers to the maltreatment, whether habitual or not, of the child which includes any of the following:There are different forms of child abuse. These include neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse. 

neglect Child neglect is the continued failure by a parent or caregiver to provide a child with the basic things needed for his or her proper growth and development, such as food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care and adequate supervision. 

sexual abuse Sexual abuse is when someone involves a child or young person in a sexual activity by using their power over them or taking advantage of their trust. Often children are bribed or threatened physically and psychologically to make them participate in the activity. Child sexual abuse is a crime. 

physical abuse Physical abuse is a non-accidental injury or pattern of injuries to a child caused by a parent, caregiver or any other person. It includes but is not limited to injuries which are caused by excessive discipline, severe beatings or shakings, cigarette burns, attempted strangulation and female genital mutilation. Injuries include bruising, lacerations or welts, burns, fractures or dislocation of joints. Hitting a child around the head or neck and/or using a stick, belt or other object to discipline or punishing a child (in a non-trivial way) is a crime. 

psychological abuse or harm Serious psychological harm can occur where the behaviour of their parent or caregiver damages the confidence and self esteem of the child or young person, resulting in serious emotional deprivation or trauma.

By: Mr. Carlos L. Magday Teacher III, Mariveles National High School-Poblacion

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