In the past years, most of the parents, when their child got low grades in their high school years directed their child as “ Mag Teacher ka na lang anak” without knowing the true essence of being a teacher. During my student teacher heard these words, it is a big “INSULT”. Why the word “Lang” is always next to the word “TEACHER”. Why do they always compare us to engineers, nurses, doctors, and other professions, and be little by anybody? If they just only know…………….. From first year and fourth year, Education students were huddled with memorization, theories, lesson plans and demo-teaching. Most of the time, we lack of sleeps just to complete these requirements from different subjects in order to pass them. We are always inside the library for our research works, scanning the available books. Teaching as a profession is not merely standing in front of many different personalities and having an impromptu or on the spot discussion of the lesson. We need to plan from a day work in the school, we carry the work even to the house just to prepared for the next activity instead of having a rest. We should also be creative not only in presenting our visual aids, but also in delivering the lesson. We need to have an art of questioning for our students to think deeply and logically. Observing is also part of our career. Teachers should be keen observers, for us to be updated on what development that goes on in our daily classes. We should be aware of our pupils actions, attitudes, reactions in everyday meetings. We also act as a parent. We are the first to panic when our pupils had happened or worried if they have fail grades since we are the one who calculate and saw the result. We find it difficult to weigh the situations whether to pass the pupils or not. And if the teacher does, it is because we want our pupils learned from his mistake like what the parents do with their siblings. These are some of our tasks and responsibilities that we, teachers deal with. Let us think that entering in this career is a big CHALLENGE. So instead of thinking “Mag Teacher ka na lang” we must in our mind that we can go with other professionals much higher than them. Let us prove to them that “ Their Future Depends on Teachers”

By: Virginia I. Serna | Teacher I | Alangan Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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