“What do you dream about being when you grow up ?” is not such an easy question for children to answer. From early on their dreams change on a daily basis . So how’s a parent to know how to prepare children for their future ?

There’s no one answer to that question , but if you start by understanding the difference between daydreaming and real – life dreams you’re on your way to nurturing your child’s dream successfully . The day will come when daydreams must be put aside and real – life dreams must be dealt with and you will be needed to help the child separate the two and learn how to nurture the real life dreams.

Here are some suggestions to help you along : 

Help your child know himself and accept who he is . Encourage him to make the most of his interest , abilities and activity levels . Instill a positive , optimistic , can – do attitude and encourage your child to keep trying , believing in himself . Learning all you can and taking advantage of different experiences help move your child closer to success . Expose your child to as many different avenues of information as you can find – schools , libraries , books , computer programs , newspapers with its up – to – date employment trends and special organizations and associations can all help clarify your child’s goals . Reinforce the need for total discipline and education. Make sure your child understands the preparation , hard work and study that are needed to pursue his dreams. Encourage your child to use prayer as an aid in achieving success . Assure your child that his faith will guide him along the right path.

Remember , all children deserve – and have the right – to have the chance to follow their dreams . If you and your childs have faith in their dream and work with God to make it come true , there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished .

By: Ms. Lenita C. Gloria | Teacher III | Capitangan Elementary School

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