The English language is globally used now as medium of communication. According to researches decades ago, most Filipinos particularly teachers, are considered to be fluent in this language known to be our “lingua franca.” But, sad to say, that was a decade ago. It was noted that some of our teachers are no longer using the language in subject areas where they are supposed to be taught in English. Thus, even students ability to communicate using the second language became stagnant. One of the factors believed to have affected the situation are the teachers themselves. Why? The result of the National English Proficiency Test speaks for it.

To solve the growing and alarming problem regarding the deterioration of the teacher’s ability to communicate using the English language, the Department of Education launched the Mentoring Program. Those who did fairly well in the National English Proficiency Test were sent to a one week training which focuses on how they can be of help to other teachers who find it difficult to write and speak English as well. They were trained how to be a mentor to their co-teachers and eventually help they overcome their difficulty.

However, after a little less than four years of mentoring activities, the program met its sudden demise. Like some of the programs started by the Department of Education lacking in foresight, the mentoring program is another failure. According to survey, the main reason for the failure is the lack of support by the mentees to the program. Teachers who underwent tutoring complained of the inadequacy of the teacher mentors; other said that they are better than the trainers; some considered the mentoring program beneath their level, since that they are all professionals, why should they be subjected to training under a co-teacher of things they both already knew?

With the rejection of the mentoring program by those who are supposed to be helped and with the Department of Education’s impunity to launch a program without further study of its viability, it is a little wonder if the quality of education in our country can ever have a chance to improve.


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