Being a youth doesn’t require age limits. Youth is a state of mind – a person’s mental growth. Being one is not manifestated by a good physical growth. It is through, the good mental capacity including good principles and views over life, strong will of dealing courageously with life and strong and determined emotions over trials that a person can express his being youth – his deep sense of being a human.

Youth means a courageously struggle with life’s trails. A person of courage and integrity even he is old is still considered a youth because of the youngness of his mind and emotions.
A person who has lived a couple of years can still be a youth as long as he doesn’t desert or devalue his ideal in life. Years make a person old but giving up eagerness to make his life worthwhile wrinkles his soul.

Of any age bracket a person belongs, if he has the love of knowing new ideas, the deep thoughts about life and the valiant will of accepting challenges, he is still a youth. Endless childlike attitude towards the things that tomorrow will bring and the vigorous and the hopeful struggle of winning over the games of life characterized youth.

Doubts, fears and despairs make a person old but faith, self-confidence, and hopes make a person young. It is the advantage of being youth in mind and in emotion.

By: Mrs. Lourdes M. Octavio | T III – Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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