Rightly after my graduation from college, I started looking for my first job.  That April, I found myself at the doorstep of one private school passing my resume.  A few days after, I received a call that I will have my teaching demonstration.  The demonstration led me to the interview with the principal and the owner of the school.  The first question was my knowledge about Multiple Intelligences.  It was only self confidence that pushed me to say this, “ I believe, sir, that there are children who are good in music, dancing, writing, sports and others; and they must be honed according to their talent and skills.”  I haven’t encountered the name Howard Gardner and his Theory of Multiple Intelligence back then, but luckily, my answers are accepted and I got the job.

Fortunately, Multiple Intelligence was a usual topic during my graduate studies.  It was then that I knew that it has been here for more than two decades and it’s a surprise that only few teachers are aware of it.  Every intelligence is to be seen in my pupils, and knowing each intelligence, it is easier for me to decide how to teach them.

If all teachers will learn about it, there will be no traditional way of teaching.  Classroom will surely be an avenue for fun and learning.  Pupils will be very eager to learn.  There will be more academic noise and not nonsense noise.  Talents, skills and abilities of children will be honed very well.  And they will be creative and more humane.


By: Jannette C. Angeles, Teacher III Orion Elementary School

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