All may settle that chasing graduate education is never a piece a cake. It will unquestionably eat much of time, resources, verve and effort. But as the employment market becomes more competitive on a daily basis, it is mutual to contemplate of attending graduate school for personal development. To stay one step ahead of the competition, it is now even more important to increase one’s knowledge and qualifications.

It is clear that it is gainful to be a teacher and a student at the same time since it permits one to employ the knowledge and expertise gained during graduate school in the classroom. The teachers advance in this context while always updating their knowledge. However, being both a teacher and a student at the same time has its drawbacks because it is a challenging and time-consuming procedure.

In connection, despite the benefits that graduate education brings, many individuals are reluctant to enroll in a graduate program. The core reason educators are adamant to pursue graduate courses, despite the fact that they are keen about enrolling in post-baccalaureate education, is that they do not have the necessary financial resources. Some people believe that graduate school is not a priority since they have numerous financial obligations.

The cost of graduate school is high. Therefore, opting to pursue postgraduate education is a difficult prospect you should make. Obtaining a master’s degree necessitates a considerable sum of money to cover the tuition and other incidentals. Teachers can, however, apply for a multitude of graduate school scholarships in the Philippines.

In conclusion, even if there are many motives why pursuing graduate education is challenging, the advantages it could provide are immeasurable. Put your doubts and fears aside and take on the challenge of personal and career advancement.

Marilou T. Valiente| Teacher III|G.L. David Memorial Integrated SchoolBalanga City,Bataan
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