With lots of life’s adversities confronting our everyday life, the everyday stress and drama brought about by the teaching profession, some of educators may opt for a career change.  There is no denying that teaching is difficult. Being an educator requires dedication to creating engaging lesson plans, accommodating the needs of kids with various abilities, communicating with parents, and staying on top of certification requirements. But if you inquire someone to define their favorite and best educators, “passion” will manifestly be a word that arises because a calling in teaching is compelled by enthusiasm.

It is communal knowledge that a teaching livelihood will not bring financial success. Furthermore, “working with pupils” and “income” are not on the same boat. However, not all professionals are salary driven. And the finest illustration would be the teaching profession. Touching lives and honing children to be the best version of themselves are best motivating factor that fuel a professional to stay devoted in this career.

In connection, teachers have an exceptional chance to uplift the lives of their students. Everyday interfaces with these students aid them acquire novel and momentous conceptions. The direct power that educators have on students’ lives is a weighty factor in the decision of many people to become teachers. They recognize a prospect to foster a passion for learning and aid children in their personal advancement. They assist with their mental well-being and promote their cravings for education. Imperative ideas for values formation is part of the profession. The power to impact lives and afford kids with more than they could have imagined is something that many teachers revere.

For this reason, it is a fantastic chance to put the abilities to use in assisting kids in understanding the importance of studying: setting themselves up to achieve their goals and change the world for the better. For learners, being able to report to school changes everything, and teachers have a major impact.

So why become a teacher? The best response is “Why not?”

Marilou T. Valiente| Teacher III|G.L. David Memorial Integrated SchoolBalanga City,Bataan
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