At first there was this piece of private land measuring 8,000 square meters more or less, situated at Barangay Balagtas, Orion, Bataan. Then there’s that notion of establishing a municipal high school, then the rest as they always say is history. Now going to its 8 years of existence, who would have thought the same piece of land is now home to some high school students of Orion. The same land cultivated for agricultural use, is now a place where young minds are honed and developed in pursuit for a greater dreams.  

In August 2000, through Resolution No. 26 s. 2000 Sanggunian Bayan Members then presided by Vice-Mayor Geny Mariano requested DECS for the establishment of a municipal high school with the end view of making education more accessible to majority high school aged student of the town.  

With the joint effort of the provincial and municipal sanggunian, the search for a piece of land was not in vain for the heirs of deceased Pablo P. Cuevas readily offered to donate portion of their property consisting of Lot 301-B-6 and 301-B-7.  

In 2001 construction of school building began, the following year saw the first batch of high school finding themselves to the municipal high school were they quenched their thirst for knowledge.  

So far, 5 batches of high school have graduated from the school, at the rate is is going more and more will be making it their home for the next four years. With the coming school year, the school will offer science classes.  

As Orion history continues to unfold, let it be written in the annals of Orion history of Pablo P. Cuevas Memorial High School.


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