Parents have a strong influence on children’s academic motivation and achievement. They are their children’s first teachers. Even when children start going to school, parents continue being their teacher. The school does not teach everything. Parents are the great learning resources and the motivators for their children, not their friends, not the media, no one, nothing can substitute the parents as a teacher.

But how that now a day, the number of parents who gave a hundred percent support for their children seem to decrease? Most parents today give attention to material and personal needs of their children. Or even to some they have the yayas to do this. Second to their priority will be the concern for conduct, attitudes and behavior of their children towards their studies. Only few parents have time to attend homeroom PTA meetings of their children and other school activities where presences of parents are needed.

Children with supportive parents scored highest in the children’s test. Also those parents who have a high regard for education will transfer their feeling to their children. This attitude will become a motivational force for children to perform and excel in the school. Parents who are well educated want their children to be the same.

In cases of children who have difficulties at school, parents should confer with the teacher on how to overcome them and how to help their children. This makes for close cooperation between home and school, parents and teachers that’s why parents are great partners of education in a world where ignorance rules.

Are you satisfied with the kind of education you have? Why not search for a” better education” that will change you for the best. We should not deceive ourselves. Always remember that “better education is the key to success”.

By: Mrs. Estelita M. Laguitan | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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