HOME environment including parents ; income and educational level is the single most important. Factor in predicting the child’s academic success. Wholesome family relations lead to motivation to achieve while unwholesome relationships cause emotional tension which may have a detrimental effect on the child’s ability to learn.

Studies relating to parental disciplinary pattern states that parental acceptance or warmth considered an important determinant of positive child outcomes. Parental warmth and acceptance are much more conducive to child learning and positive development than parents’ hostility or physical punishment.

Children tend to develop high levels of aspiration when their parents make appropriate demands at appropriate times, rewarding success liberally and giving the, freedom to work out their own ways.

When children have a quality school program and supportive and involved parents ,they do better on academic and social skills children see parents involvement as a sign that their parents value education. They recognize that their parents are not just leaving them and forgetting them.

By: Ms. Angelita D.Alarcon | Teacher I | Capunitan Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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