Subject:  PENELCO;  Retail Consumer and Metering System Charges

I didn’t know anything about PENELCO, its internal policies and its practices. All I know is that  I am a member-consumer receiving electrical  services from  the only Electrical Cooperative in Bataan.  For many years I have obediently been paying my electric bills without any questions, until the Company came out with a Notice to all its members concerning the Refund on Electric Meter Deposit.  I wrote a letter to Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)  for clarification on certain item on the Refund Notice; ERC has clarified my query satisfactorily.

Meanwhile,  ERC has sent me two (2) documents on two different dates, providing me an intensive information on the unbundled rates and charges  that PENELCO may imposed to all its member-users. I have made several queries with the ERC and here is an excerpt of my last correspondence:

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By: Anonymous

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