Performance management is a system for reviewing and agreeing priorities within the context of the school development plan. Its purposes can be characterized in range of ways. It maybe described as a pyramidal hierarchy of objectives: for the institution, for the management and for the teachers. In this sense it is the institutional mirror image of target setting for pupils. Its objective is to improve the match between the offered and received curriculum. The way it sets about this is by encouraging schools to support teachers’ work as individuals and in teams through the process of settings, agreeing and reviewing school objectives.

Performance management is in many ways the next layer of the campaign for increasing the levels of literacy and numeracy. A key to responsibility for head teachers monitoring. Irrespective of the requirements for performance management, it is a necessity for equal opportunities. Head teachers need to a fine-tuned awareness of what is good about their schools and what needs to be improved. They find this out through monitoring teachers in the classroom. They look at teachers teaching, and the outcomes, and long term, midterm and short term planning for the class and different curriculum subjects.

By: Mr. Rodolfo P. Valdez Sr. | Teacher I | Luz Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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