School Physical Education Coordinators and P.E. teachers underwent a three day refresher seminar on Conducting Physical Fitness Test and Sports Coaching last May 26-28 current at Orion Elementary School. It was conducted by Mr. Manuel Felipe, District P.E. Coordinator and other P.E. facilitators.

    It is part of the process to create an educated Filipino citizenry that is acutely aware of the importance of holistic wellness – fitness of body, mind and spirit. The knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in a physical fitness program will teach children to adopt what the Department of Health preaches as a “Wellness Lifestyle” for Filipinos.

    Through physical fitness test the teacher discovered the weakness and strengths of pupils. This well also serve as medium in detecting  athletes to be. Through its results the teacher will be able to make the necessary exercises to improve or help the pupils to be physically fit.

     It’s not the exercise only that makes the pupils physically fit, these includes necessary nutrients derived from Go, Grow and Glow foods, enough sleep and proper care and hygiene of the body.

    To make physical fitness test beneficial in our schools, the school heads must monitor and supervise its administration to the pupils. He should see the results and ask the teacher to make the necessary strategies and techniques which will improve the physical fitness of pupils. He should include sportsfest, calisthenics and gymnastic festival to further improve the skills and health of pupils too.



By: Rosario G. Redulla, Principal – Sabatan Elementary School

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