People plan because they want good things to happen. They plan to hope for the best, to eradicate the mistakes of the past and to have a better future ahead of them.

    This is likewise true in the field of education. Educators cannot do away with planning. Be it a Top – down Approach or a bottom-up Approach, they normally form a network of devised results and events for which all efforts should be exerted.

    Planning in education is considered both a challenge and opportunity. It is a challenge because it is always expected that in planning, practical and realistic solutions has to be sought for the complex problems that may arise. In this regard, a good educational planner must have a good foresight of whatever problems may entail each target and must have a really set of alternatives for their solutions. Another thing is the proper motivation of all the persons concerned from the top officials to the principal, teachers, pupils and parents. Once the cooperation of the persons concerned is not achieved, the plan will go on as expected.

    Planning in an opportunity. It always gives us a fair chance to improve education. There is a chance to learn from the past and to develop for the better. It is a tool to dream for good and big things to uplift the quality of education. The futures of our school today are in the hands of education. The futures of our schools today are in the hands of educational managers who need to be good planner. Although plans are not always successful as they want them to be, planning reduces the risk of failure.

By: Philip Ferdinand Cruz | San Simon Elementary School | Dinalupihan, Bataan

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