Poor reading affects life. It has something to do on how a person communicates in relation to his work. Those who are fond of reading can comprehend more so they learn make better decisions. A decline in reading comprehension also affects the performance in other subjects such as Mathematics and Science. If you are going to understand complex formulas and theories, you’d have to be able to read properly first. .In short, reading well spurs a person to do and achieve more, This means that if a person has good comprehension ability, he is a also proficient in other discipline as well. Poor reading comprehension is the number one problems in education, nowadays. But how can you determine this problem? Is administering NAT a better solution? No…..It is only one of the tools to be able to determine the reading level of a pupil, but after this, what are we going to do? That’s the next step that we should be given attention. The best thing is to look up for the reason why so.

As a teacher, I’m very much affected of this issue, whether we accept it or not, we are part of the reading ability of the pupils. For so many years in teaching elementary, I already encountered pupils who can read but didn’t understand what they are reading. And it’s difficult for me to teach those pupils. But what am I going to do? Patience……Lots of patience. If they cannot understand what they are reading of. We must understand them. They need help in order to read with comprehension, and that is our duty and responsibility. How can we help those pupils? Provide more reading exercises, teach them how to love reading and explain the importance of it. Parents, your help are very much needed to achieve our goal. Furthermore, a follow-up in the result of NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST is also necessary.


By: Joselita R.Bañaga, Teacher 1 Luz Elementary School

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