When you’re down and you somewhat feel that something you are concerned with won’t turn out fine, someone will come in and tell you: “Think Positive!

But what really is positive thinking? Positive thinking is a motivation of the mind whether to function effectively or to stagnate. Positive thinking is “using the mind to restore the energy”. Positive thinking is an attitude depicting courage.

Like the trials we face. A trial is like rain. Rainwater washes away the soil just as trials wash away our hopes. But don’t worry much. Let us remember that after a rainstorm, the sun will come out and a rainbow will appear. People of the Old Testament called it the “bow of God”. It is as through the rainbow, God reassures us not to fear. After the rain, the sun will surely shine once again.

It is also like the thousand sun rise. Problems come to us like the darkness. We cannot see things clearly for our visions are blinded. But then again, after the darkness, the sun will surely rise again assuring us that it’s never late to start again and move on.

Let us take Christopher Reeve’s case. Christopher Reeve is the actor who was popularized for his portrayal of Superman, The Movie and its sequels before Dean Cain. Reeve, who loves riding horses experienced a bad fall and was now suffering from paralysis. He was paralyzed from the neck down. And that was 13 months ago. Now, during his rehabilitation at the Kessler Institute in the New Jersey, he regularly had his leg and other muscles moved by a physical therapist and right now he’s campaigning hard foe grater funding of spinal cord research which also gives hope to 90 000 other paralyzed Americans.

You see, that was real courage. He shows great determination, hope and a positive attitude towards life. The way he coped with the tragedy he had been through was very inspiring. And for me, it was one achievement that gained him more admiration than as an actor.

Quite inspiring, isn’t it? Now the next time you feel low, and alone, just think that it will pass away. Think that God won’t give us these trials if we can’t bear them. Remember that God wants the best for us so he wants us to learn and understand things in our journey through life. Like what I always say to my friends who were experiencing similar situations,” Some things in life we have to learn the hard way”.

By: Mr. Francisco B. Bautista | Samal North Elementary School | Samal, Bataan

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