Generosity is about giving gifts, time or money to those who are in need.It is also about performing kind deeds such as talking or playing with those who are not popular in school or in your community.

One good thing about being a generous child is that it can help you make friends and feel good about yourself.Work with your preschoolers to develop a sense of generosity that will help them feel good about themselves, have fulfilling interpersonal relationships, and improve the communities in which they live and the lives they touch.Instill a sense of generosity in your preschoolers by encouraging them to donate toys that they no longer need and clothes that they no longer wear. Help them to give without hesitation. Explain to them how important it can be for others and how they can make other children happy.Ask your preschoolers to determine what he/shecan give and do with a generous and loving heart.There are many opportunities for the volunteer work that are fun for the whole family. Kids may enjoy cleaning up village parks or helpingout in church and community activities.

By: Ms. Rowena B.Marcelo | Master Teacher I | Capitangan Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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