The opening of classes means working and planning to our children for the school days they had.

Devoted parents should conscientiously take up the work of preparing the mind of the children for the school days. To help them to acquire a correct and serious attitude toward the teachers who will teach them and toward all their work at school a few well chosen at the beginning of a school year.

Advice given by our parents at the beginning of the school year will help the children beyond measure and may prevent a great deal of trouble and worry.

First, the children should be impressed with a deep sense of respect for the teachers and with a trusting confidence in all that they shall decide they should be told about the lives of the teachers.

Secondly parents should impressed upon the children that they themselves will support the teachers in all their decisions. If the teacher decide on correction or punishment in some form of punishment will be considered just and will be added to at home. If it is a praise, the parents will give prizes or awards at home.

Thirdly, parents should tell the children that they will be examined at home as to their progress at school . Perhaps it is not possible , but it should be carried out . This is the duty of parents that may not lightly be dispensed with. If it is prepared, the best result will be assured.

By: Gerald B. Tayo | Teacher | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Ibayo, Abucay, Bataan

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