Department of Education is giving bigger responsibilities to public elementary and secondary heads as part of the empowering principles and the schools. School building constructions and rehabilitations, minor repairs , recruitment of teachers have been devolved to the school managers at the frontline .  Teachers, of course, desire to be promoted as school managers. That’s why they pursue masters degree and doctoral studies focusing on different fields. They even finance themselves to attend to seminars or enroll in short courses to update themselves and to earn points. Some are lucky enough to grab scholarship grants. Some expose their hidden talents and special skills to be recognized by their superiors. They do all these because educational attainment, seminars attended, teaching performance, years in service and meritorious achievements are some of the qualifications to get promoted. I salute those who got the position after proving themselves that they are perfectly fit for it and they have something to contribute. But to those who made it because of “PALAKASAN” well think again …. You have a great responsibility and you have to prove yourselves deserving to be empowered.


This kind of system is unfair to those who engage themselves in the fair fight in exerting their efforts to show up their best and to qualify for the position. There are times, “PAPERS” vs. POTENTIAL ADMINISTRATOR… And the winner is ……Oooooops,secret. ! An open secret I guess. If this system perpetuates, many teachers will be demoralized and the superiors might be installing the wrong person for the right job  who in turn will be their headaches . How can we build a strong nation if school managers installed in the position are weak in performance?


Bockman described the role of the principal as buckle stopping action because he is in direct contact with all the levels of the educational hierarchy, students, teachers, administrators and his leadership touches all parts of the system. The principal is the educational agent in position to be in closest and broadcast contact with the community. The functions and duties of the principal are numerous and varied. And since it is an admitted fact the principals are empowered and totally responsible for almost all of the decisions to be made, maybe it is good to know whether this so called principal empowerment will make a big difference in the attainment of quality education. I salute all the deserving principals. You are one of the keys to the delivery of our ultimate objective. Prove to everyone that you truly deserve to be empowered. Be the one!!!!


By: Ma. Concepcion M. Reyes

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