Image Out of ten aspiring principals from the District of Orion who took the qualifying examination for prospective Elementary Principals only three of us successfully passed. It includes Criselda Perez Cruz from Orion Elementary School, (rank 4) Amelia Fernando Retuta from General Lim Elem. School (rank 14), and yours truly ( rank 7). Sooner or later, we will be ranked as principals and might be assigned to other districts. It will be a new world for us. We just hope we will be able to experience the same amount of support and the same intensity of warmth Orion gave us.

            From nobody, anybody can become somebody. A little step can eventually turn into a quantum leap. And we can have the chance if we will be able to pass the principal’s exam. The said exam opens opportunity for aspiring principals  to have their respective schools to lead. I was so reluctant in taking the exam at first. I have been a teacher for 27 years and for me it is my life. The four corners of the classroom served as my nest. But I have decided to give it a try. And now, I made it !!!  But am I really happy? When I first heard the news I thanked God of course for the blessing. But I’ve come to realize if I will be assigned to other school as a principal after  a long process of ranking and interviews, everything will change. We all started from humble beginnings and now I’ve come up to explore with my own colorful wings. But it is really exciting??? I must say a bit but  what I felt when I found out that I successfully passed the principals exam, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach it will indeed change my routines as a classroom teacher. I have to perform more challenging task. I have to live my family in school where I have been a part for almost three decades quite long huh? I’m afraid I’m not ready for it but the mere fact that God gave me such blessing I know he has plans for me. I am now on the first stage, I’m still far from it, I still have enough time to prepare myself. I know with God’s help, I will be able to give my purpose.   


            To other aspiring school heads, I know I’m not yet in the position to inspire you.. I have my doubts, I have my fears, I don’t know what lies ahead one thing I learned, There’s nothing to be afraid of downfalls. Whenever this thing happens, just stand up in your feet again. Master your field and try again. Never get tired of aiming something better.


           Be good… be better and eventually be the best!!!     


By: Mrs. Myrna A. Zabat, Teacher III, Calungusan Elem. School

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