WRITING is communication.  It can reach across space and time to instruct, to entertain and to touch others.  It is a powerful way of sharing ideas and feelings.

To achieve the best results, teacher should be guided by the fundamental principle of teaching writing which include the following:

1.    Writing literacy starts in the early years of child development.

2.    Writing is a creative act.

3.    Writing experiences should be child centered.

4.    Reading and writing like speaking and listening are separable process.

The process-oriented approach views writing as a creative process. Its processes are:

a.    Prewriting

b.    Writing

c.    Post writing

In prewriting it includes the setting of purposes, determining the audience, selecting/ordering information and generating ideas.  In writing it include the drafting and composing.  Revising the draft and rewriting, editing and publishing are the last things to do in postwriting.

There are some techniques in teaching writing such as:
Brainstorming – Independently or in groups students generate as many ideas as possible from a given topics.
Discussion – Students talk about an assignment as they debate ideas to clarify thoughts.
Creative Thinking – Students try to look at usual subjects in unusual ways.
Clustering – Method of visually presenting the results of a discussion session.
Cubing – A swift or quick consideration of a subject from 6 point of view.

Teachers can make writing a really fun activity to do for the students by applying these techniques.

By: ENRICO G. GOMEZ T-1, Orion Elementary School

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