The Orion Municipal Health Office is enthusiastic with the arrival of the medical equipments and supplies purchased by the local government thru the initiative of Mayor Antonio L. Raymundo, Jr. Most of the barangay health stations have outdated equipments such as weighing scale, BP apparatus, nebulizer and sterilizer which affects the health program implementation. The medical equipments and supplies purchased include the following and were distributed to the following barangays and schools:

4 sterilizers (Bilolo, Daan Pare, Bantan and Orion Birthing Station)
3 Salter weighing scales  (Camachile, Calungusan, and Bagumbayan)
6 Detecto Adult Weighing Scales (Daan Pare, Bantan, Bagumbayan, Capunitan, Daan Pare Elem. School and Bilolo Elem. School)
3 nebulizers (Bantan, Camachile and Wawa)
3 examining Tables (Bantan, Camachile and Calungusan)
2 bassinets (Orion Birthing Station)
2 revolving stools (Orion Birthing Station and Wawa)
4 BP apparatus (Wawa, Camachile, Daan Pare and Sto. Domingo)
4 stethoscopes (Bilolo, Wakas, Wawa and Putting Buhangin)
2 instrument holders with covers (Orion Birthing Station and Calungusan)
10 round stainless bowls (Orion Birthing Station and Wawa)
4 droplights (Calungusan, Bilolo, Camachile and Daan Pare)
4 mayo scissors (Puting Buhangin, Bilolo, Wawa and Daan Pare)
4 kelly forceps (Puting Buhangin, Bilolo, Wawa and Daan Pare)
2 OB bags/delivery kits (Bantan and Calungusan)
2 iris scissors (Wawa, Orion Birthing Station)
2 bandage scissors (Wawa and Gen. Lim)
4 forceps holder (Wawa, Camachile, Bilolo and Calungusan)
5 pick-up forceps (Wawa, Camachile, Bilolo, Puting Buhangin and Calungusan)
5 rolls of gauze (Wawa and Orion Birthing Station)
6 tubes KY Jelly (Wawa and Orion Birthing Station)
6 bottles of providone iodine 500 ml (Wawa and Orion Birthing Station)

The arrival of these equipments and supplies are beneficial in improving the delivery of all health programs in the municipality. The Municipal Health Office in cooperation with the local government will continuously seek ways to improve, expand and deliver quality health services to the people of Orion.


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