As teachers, we cannot always go away from noisy pupils, complaining parents, stressful colleagues and burdensome paper works.  Every day is a challenge and a difficulty at the same time.  This may be the reason why some neophytes leave the profession to get another job either locally or abroad.  But this negativity can be opposed by adding humor in your life. 

Here are some ways to do this:

1. Create a list of all the things that make you feel good…and do more of them, more often

2. Practice laughing

3. Smile More

4. Talk with others along your way each day

5. Share your embarrassing moments

6. Observe the world around you…there is really a lot to laugh at…look for it!

7. Spend time with people who make you laugh

8. Do something out of character for you

9. Put something whimsical in your home.

10. Spend time with children…they are good at laughing

A growing body of evidence indicates that while humor cannot cure disease, laughter and a lighter mood can make a difference in a number of physiological functions that can lead to better health.

Laughter has these impacts on one’s body:

• Increases heart rate/blood pressure, then drops

• More you laugh, greater ability to lower heart rate/blood pressure

• Frequent belly laughter empties the lungs. When you laugh, you get rid of excess carbon dioxide and water  vapor that’s building up and replace it with oxygen-rich air sending large amounts of oxygen to blood supply

• Activates tear glands

• Rebalances right/left hemispheres of the brain So make it a habit to put humor in your teaching.  Remember that when you laugh, you create a feeling of comfort in your pupils.  This adds to their feeling of security and trust in you as their teacher.  The lighter the mood of your class, the easier it is to create a learning environment.

By: Mrs. Estrella R. Abadia | Orion Elementary School

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