The idiomatic expression “ Put yourself in others shoes” means to experience what other people is experiencing or to be in a similar situation, like what others have experienced.

To understand one person is to allow yourself to see other person’s point of view. You don’t have to agree with them on every issue, but at least try to understand why they think as they do.

A high school student kept on experiencing to be the laughing stock in their class. Always coming late, always not in the mood to listen, to recite.

When the teachers talked to him, the teacher discovered that the boy grieved so much at his father’s loss. He has no urge to study. His father’s memory always sticked up on his mind. Not coming to class regularly, and playing with friends outside are his ways of forgetting.

Her old teacher hugged him and said, your father if living will not be happy, if your attitude is like this. Study hard, show him that you have a dream an ambition to pursue.

The next day, the boy came in fact the earliest to come. From that time on he forgot his playful & carefree attitude. He studied hard & emerged to be in the Top 5 of the class.Only then, that his story was unfolded to them through their teacher  and right there & then he was understood & praised by his teachers & classmates, after misreading his previous attitude & relationship. If they have put themselves into the shoes of their classmate, surely they will understand him at once & will help him or encourage him to study harder & not waste his time.

By: Ms. Victoria H. Laqui T-III | DEPED Samal Bataan

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