“WHAT makes a good teacher?”

A good teacher for me masters his subject. No charm could cover up course inadequacy. A competent teacher knows the most important concepts of a course are highly capable to translate complex studies into simple language. A great teacher relates new ideas to old, and always touches base with the fundamentals of the subject. A teacher learns nonstop.

A good teacher is a great communicator. Knowing something does not make one a teacher. A teacher who understands fully what learning does is not only prepares his syllabus and course requirements well; he also asks intelligent questions, makes classes mentally stimulating and what the student’s appetite for more knowledge. He organizes his lectures, provides for interaction and uses students’ experiences to get the most and best out of course. A great teacher is excited about his course; he has the important task of initiating students into worthwhile matters.

A teacher should be a model of good ethics. He organizes his life well, his time, talents, resources, relationships. It should be a creed among teachers not to be absent without prior notice. A good teacher respects the students-his time, talent, ideas, background, individuality, beliefs.  A teacher respects his colleagues and shows it to his students. A respectful teacher has integrity of speech and behavior. Teachers have an invisible contract with their students- a commitment to cherish and honor.

By: Ms. Armida H. Herrera | TII-Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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