Our society today needs effective mentors or teachers. Teachers whose passion is to mold the pupils and develop them to become good people. Teachers with strong motivation and works hard to help his pupil improve himself. He works with joy in his heart and teaching is not a burden to him but an enjoyable task. He is a kind of teacher moved by his desire to provide the best education to his learners. Even the lack of facilities or the absence of modern equipments in his classroom are not hindrances on his dream to offer quality education to his pupils. He will exercise his being resourceful just to augment the needs of his learners.

An effective teacher prepares his plan daily and meets his target for the day. He prepares the instructional materials that he will use for  his lessons and sees to it that these things will be useful to attain his goal. He creates an environment conducive to learning and organizes his class well.

An effective teacher is a kind of teacher who shows his love to his pupils. He motivates them and make them understand the value of attending their classes everyday. He is a good encourager and he makes his pupils feel their importance in the world.

By: Mrs. Anniebelle I. Galindo | Teacher- Lamao Elem. School- Limay District

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