How can young people be educated in order to achieve peace, prosperity and solidarity among all and for all in the 21st century? This is the question that the paper of Cecilia Brasiavsky  tries to address nations in educating the youth of today. It seems that different nations try to address the problem in their education by means of  models which the speaker doubts as only covering their own culture and might only be applicable to a few and not to all.


The problem I believe is something that the speaker sees a common to all and she sees as deserving as common answer and this will take a long time to find out. Why? It is because of different         cultures holding different beliefs, values and traditions. I think the problem can be best solved by understanding the concept of peace, solidarity among all and for all.. Once these concepts are clarified, problems within the educational system can be solved by addressing  the real concerns that are interfering with the achievement of peace , prosperity and solidarity among all and for all in the 21st century. We must understand not all problems in peace, prosperity and solidarity came only from one source. What is the country’s problem about these may have a different origin than the others. Another is that, the ones who can best solve the problems are not the outsiders but the insiders who really see the problem from its roots although talking about it and making big plans and committing to these ideals can help countries unite as one. A success story of a country along these areas is an inspiration to achieve the same and when this happens like a ripple effect, I think we can achieve what we wanted for the world to achieve through education. We can achieve peace not being the same but respecting our differences. We can achieve prosperity not by monopoly but sharing our resources. We can achieve solidarity among all and for all if we believe and practice what God has taught us, to love one another. These should not be taught in schools alone, it should be taught everywhere by the use of media so that good influence cannot only be found in school but also outside of it. When there is reconciliation of theory and practice, the reality of these, ideals prevail.

By: Agnes M. Fajardo, Teacher III Casupanan Elem. School

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