Reading is the most important subject in the school curriculum. It is so important that no other subject in the curriculum could be learned by pupils, if their Grade One teachers have not taught the subject very effectively, especially the comprehension phase of it. Therefore, it is very important for principals to assign Grade One teachers who are effective in teaching the subject. The success or failure of pupils in their future studies will depend very much on their mastery in Reading.
Reading really do has a big part in every learning area. How can pupils learn to follow directions if the reading they learned is without comprehension? In the same way, pupils could not learn the four fundamental processes in Mathematics if they happen to be deficient in reading skills.
In conclusion, we may say that time and money are wasted because we produce less productive young people who are the hope of our tomorrow. So, it is a call to our principals to screen reading expertise of teachers who are to be assigned to teach reading in the future.

By: Mary Ann N. Sacdalan | Teacher I | Abucay North Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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