We know that the common problems of grade one teacher is having non-reader in his or her class not only for grade one teachers but in the educational system as a whole.

We teachers should be aware of this because we are the central figures in all teaching activities. The future of these children depends on us teachers. So we must accept this challenge and perform our duties and responsibilities devotedly and just. Some strategies that are used to lessen the non-readers or zero-out non-readers are (CLE) or known as Concentrated Language Encounter Techniques for developing Literacy. The CLE literacy programs prove their effectiveness in remarkably short time and they are extremely cost effective because teachers develop most of their own materials and learners write and make their own books.

Marungko approach is another strategy that can help us make our pupils read. Here, the letters are introduced using poem, songs, stories and also make use of hands sign for each letter.

The DEAR technique or Drop Everything and Read is also a big help to teachers. It is done monthly, but once a month. Once you declare in your class lets have a “DEAR” immediately the pupils put down their notebooks, paper, pencils and grab a reading materials such as storybooks, reading materials and start reading them corner of the classroom.

By: Ms. Juvy P. Cruz | Orion Elementary School

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