One of the criteria set in the guidelines for promotion of an educator is conducting a research with the approval of the higher-ups before its full implementation to be credited on the researcher in the end. The question of why conduct research is very much attached to the answer “for promotion purpose” only which should not be. This answer always leads to the so-called “ningas-cogon attitude” of Filipinos that once a project is initiated, it would just remain half-done implemented at first then left hanging at the middle or in the end of its implementation. Anyway the credit would always go to the one who made a research.

Considering that the educator is true his calling to become a part of the national development thru his dedicated performance of work ,he would always consider a research an important tool in discovering ways on how to improve his classroom instruction leading to the attainment of quality education, an excellent performance.

Looking back how motivation drives the learners to perform their best is one of the products of research conducted by  Ivan Pavlov, a Russian psychologist and physiologist .In Pavlov’s experiment he utilized a dog where he observed its salivation if stimulus is presented. His research led to the  discovery of the importance of motivation in behavior and also the effect of reinforcement (positive or negative) in learning. As a result of his experiment, many principles affecting the use of motivational strategies have been studied, leading to improved instruction.

Another example of research conducted is the effects of multi-sensory teaching for improvement in attitude as well as academic achievement of pupils enrolled in the subject Travel Management and Operations under the BS Hotel and Restaurant Management and BS Tourism curricula. Results support the belief that cognitive performance is significantly increased by the judicious and skillful use of the OHP and other devices. This study would hopefully encourage teachers to minimize reliance on “talk and tell” or lecture/discussion method alone.

If one of the goals of an educator is to improve the quality of life of the learners he is teaching, research should be one of his tools. The quest for improving his instruction should be continuous, not stagnant. Being a part of the system in public education, he must bear in his mind that much is expected from him in terms of delivery of public service. Research is not just for promotion in position but for the uplifment of quality of life of every Filipino who studies in a public school and who sees the public school as the best training ground for real-life situations.

By: Ms. Charina A. Morales | Principal I | Casupanan Elementary School | Hermosa,Bataan

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