With the rapid and consistent global change in technology applied in almost everything in life today, there is really a need to restructure our educational system especially from basic education to information and communication technology (ICT).

Teaching and learning is a continuous process and therefore it needs continuous study, research and development. Teachers being the instrument for learning must be the first to be subjected on the process. They must be equipped with proper knowledge, skills and attitude that they can impart to their students. What are we going to share to our students if we lack the necessary technique. So we must be open to innovation that would somehow change the course of time.

Our continued discovering on better ways of teaching as well as seeking new technology will help improve our know how but also develop our skill. From them we will profit not only ourselves but our children as well. As we apply our knowledge we should not stop on thinking for better ways through continuous innovative methods in teaching. Effective teaching can only be attained if we were able to get the interest of learners and then they could apply what they learn. We must realize that learning is a change and effective learning will result to quality education.

Innovations in teaching require much money, time and effort, but this would keep us updated with the fast-faced technology. Through it we could be able to provide new information to our students and make them more skillful in their communications. Thus student interest will be aroused and they will be encouraged to apply modern technology and be updated with the latest information.

At any rate more schools are now implementing the utilization of ICT in our basic education system, ICT innovation in classrooms and help not only develop computer literacy but more importantly help develop relevant understanding of the basic education in general. The Asian Development Bank is pushing a new standard and projects in introducing ICT in our basic educational system. The proper use of ICT helps the students improved their achievements level and have developed their interest in studies. This would only prove that ICT have potentially injected role in ensuring access to education particularly for students in the remote areas. However our government and the education sector must work together and help build better educational system and that could only be attained through the help of Information and Communication Technology.


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