In this age of information, a great deal of junk has been handed down to the youth of curiosity. They are bombarded by lies from the print media, the mass media and the web. This could spark a new era of conundrum which, if not halted, will be tearing down the fibers of our society.

A lot of talk has been happening lately in our country concerning the RH bill. It has been a long debate between our politicians and the Catholic Church whether it is feasible to adopt this new law. Let’s weigh the balance and consider the facts.

The Philippines is a very conservative country, we are considered as the center of Catholicism in the Asian Region, we often mocked people who are liberated when it comes to sex…We see them as wayward souls, but if we will just open our eyes we can see that we all live in a lie. We are blinded by the facts that we are no longer dwelling on that age; even the little children are already exposed of the word sex. Much worse our young people, because of their aggressiveness and exposure to the term they even want to try it to themselves not aware of its consequences.

As a result to lack of information about sex, teenage pregnancy is prevalent, that often leaves to early marriage or even minor parenting or sometimes because of shame, the act of abortion is also being considered resulting to death or weakness of the minor’s body. These scenario can be seen anywhere in our country, it is very alarming, population increases, teenagers cannot enjoy life as it should be for them, the hope of the nation are being threatened by misinformation.

To address the problem, the government seeks the help of the Department of Education considering that teachers are very potent when it comes to handling down facts and truths. And they have a great deal of influence to their students and pupils.I believed that one of the most reliable source of information are the teachers, often times what the teacher says it rules, especially for the pupils. Teachers then plays a very important role of nurturing an individual, whatever they share and utter are likened to a seed that are being planted to the heart and mind of a learner. Oftentimes teachers are ignorant of these facts, but it’s true.

If the Department of Education and its work force could be the solution to the rising problem in term of overpopulation, therefore as teacher, I strongly agree that it be included in our curriculum.

Sociologically, the society will benefit first because there will be lesser problems concerning poverty due to population explosion. The government then can divert its funds to where it should really go and not on the petty things like crime prevention, traffic problems, food scarcity and lack of shelter that are the primary dilemma of overpopulation.

Psychologically, the problems of teenage pregnancy if not eradicated can be minimized because of the information gathered from the curriculum, it will also increase the awareness of the child to the consequences of pre-marital sex   like pregnancy, abortion, privileges of a better life, and enjoyment of being young.

Philosophically, the impact of curriculum to the child’s life, it will help him/her view sex as a part of a married life, and an expression of love between husband and wife. It will enlighten his/her beliefs that sex is not just a thing done experimentally or out of curiosity. The sex education as a curriculum will develop his/her outlook in life about family, marriage, society and the country.

By: Ms. Josephine G. Nacar | MTII-Science | MNHS-Cabcaben

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