HOME is a place we call our own, we feel that we belong.  They say that there is a big difference between a house and a home.  Love, acceptance, friendliness and happiness are all present in a home.  Thus, the role, attitude and behavior as well as their children play a vital function in a place we called home.

Parents and their children must grow up together and work out their several compatibilities in terms of temperament and maturity.  As the children grow, the parent-child relationship demands a high degree of flexibility.  Both the parents and their children should address the principle of individual differences, thus acceptance follows.  Learn to appreciate the beauty of each difference for each one is unique individual.  But sad to say in reality, it is not happening.  Sometimes it is the home that brings out the worst in then.  

We, teachers for sure oftentimes get mad to those children who are hard-headed or those who gave us a hard time in dealing with regards to their behavior, attitude and academic performance in school.  As a result of these, do we come to a point that we ask ourselves why???  I guess their nurturing environment really affects what kind of a person he is now. The home that he thinks will protect and nurture him as he grows, kills little by little his good perceptions in life, the skills and talents that he possesses and the inborn intelligence that he got or inherited.

Let us not forget that the home plays a vital role in the teaching-learning process for it is his nurturing place as he opened his eyes in this world.

By: Mr. Roger G. Riñosa | Teacher, Capunitan Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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