Education as of now is in the midst of a multitude of transitions as society approaches the new millennium. Thus, teachers play different roles as the new millennium heralds the arrival of Knowledge Age—for we are now beyond the threshold of the new age, in which we live, work and learn differently from the past. Part of the responsibility of the educator is to develop visions for learning opportunities appropriate for the era and to organize these visions toward genuine transformation. To ensure relevance and responsiveness in the knowledge age, education needs to be transformed. And we teachers play different roles in the process of transforming society’s changing needs which are slowly being reflected in our times. We, as learning mentors serve as architect in the designing of new curricular and learning ware which help our students to develop high order cognitive skills in which learning is made possible by advances in information technology.

To realize the transformation of education, we must realign our system of education into three conditions: First, we must adapt our teaching techniques into changing nature of information and knowledge. Secondly, we must also be sensitive to the needs of the individual learners seeing and understanding them at the present times. Thirdly, we must be aware of the changing nature of work and learning.

It is indeed very challenging on our part that we teachers of today, assume these roles and functions. Let us congratulate ourselves that in spite of being left behind in the structural bracket of our society, still we are here continuously performing and witnessing our commitment with profound dignity and noble deeds!

By: Ms. Loreta B. Andaya | Master Teacher -1 | Lamao National High School

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