“ What is the essence of being a woman?” Sounds familiar? A very sensational question which was asked in Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, won by Miss India Owen Sen. But may I rephrase the question by asking, “ What is the essesnce of being a married teacher?” Sound different !

The changing women sex roles of childbearing, housekeeping and childearing, women’s role was expanded to that of a family provided with today’s economic demands. Women have to work outside the home to augment their husband’s earnings to make both ends meet. In this situation, female married teacher realized that their dual roles as professional and houswives cause them problems which affect their performance in school as well as management at home.

As married women, they are committed to serve their husbands, their children and the society where they belong. Being employed mothers, their services are extended to school whre they are employed. Married teachers have a chain of responsibility and obligation attached to their roles as a mother and a teacher. Problems arising in the family affect their performances in the school.

Therefore, I can say that I salute married female teachers who can balance the dual roles of being a family woman and successful professional as a teacher. Hurray!!!! To the married teachers who can contribute improvements in our educational system.

By: Rowena M. Lisud (Master Teacher II Limay Elem. School)

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