Teachers play a vital role in the learner’s achievement and development. As teachers, you ought to impart knowledge to your pupils and be sure about their progress. You also need to allow your pupils to have various experiences inside your classroom and in school for their wholistic growth. If the traditional teachers did all these in an old manner, the 21st century or the modern times teacher has changed the teacher’s way of teaching and thinking. Today, teacher were exposed to many challenges so as to become effective.

Since teachers are known as the key element to influence the path of their pupils, he must not only be a role model inside the classroom but he need to elicit a character that will lead to an effective teaching. The need to improve himself and grow professionally must be considered. The demand of increasing his skills and be able to adapt the use of modern facilities in teaching should be applied. The greater skills he can acquire, the more effective he can be.

Being effective teachers today require taking new and modern roles, that is to become innovative and open to the call of the modern time.

By: Jannette C. Angeles, Teacher III Orion Elementary School

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