It has been proven that no amount of teacher’s effort can compensate the lack of power nutrition to children in the public school system. Nutrition plays a vital role in the progress of a nation. The department of Education is a factor in the realization of the dream of a healthy and a happy community. It is therefore a must that no matter how small a municipality is the government official, the school and the community should work together to achieve a healthy, happy and nutrition educated populace.

One of the factors evaluated and rated in the Performance Appraisal System for school in the DEPED is the presence of Effective school Feeding Program, but how the school can really run such program. Some NGO has boldly and effectively helped feeding program in the depressed community of our country.

Among the principles that are followed in the school feeding program are the following.
1.    It is important to follow a period of feeding because a day or two less a subtracted will defeat the purpose of the program.
2.    Nutrition- fortified food should be given to the beneficiaries for the whole period giving emphasis particularly on the use of malunggay, kalabasa, alugbati and backyard vegetables to enhance the nutritional value of the food to be fed to the children with less expense.
3.    Monitor pupils weight constantly after the program. It is important to weigh the pupils in order to monitor the progress of the feeding program.
4.    If possible, conduct home visit and dialogue with the parent to detect early if what has been done in school is being applied in their homes.
5.    Conduct livelihood training and possible employment for the parent of the beneficiaries, so that they can continue feeding their children even after the feeding program in the school.

The five principles will lessen if not eradicated “the hunger stomach” that affect more than eight million Filipino children of school age being taught by teachers. Let us all join hand and work together in order to have nutritionally, healthy pupils and thus attain quality education.


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