Very few people were aspiring to become scientists because the meaning of Science was not even clear to them and the works as well. If we can provide clearer definition of what Science is, maybe we can have future scientist from Orion, Bataan.

Teaching Science is not an easy task, and so is the study of it. Frequent feedback makes learning permanent and more meaningful. In addition to quarterly examinations, giving regular quizzes will keep the pupils on their toes, and make them think more about Science. Ask who, when, where, and what questions and include some why and how. This will help pupils logical reasoning and make them better thinkers.

With respect to teaching method, the hands-on approach has been proven to be better if not the best, in Science teaching. When concrete objects are observed and manipulated, more meaningful learning takes place. In addition, videos of actual lessons can be shown. These will reinforce the concepts learned. Moreover, well prepared educational trip can be an option. Pupils can answer questions based on what they have observed. Inviting knowledgeable resource persons to speak in class is also recommended. Like a doctor with a vast knowledge of the human body, an agriculturist with extensive knowledge of fruits and vegetables, and a veterinarian with  knowledge of animals maybe invited to speak to the class. And in the teaching of  Science, pupils should  not only learn the fundamental concept and laws of Science and their application to technology but also acquire skills in the process of Science. Skills once acquired and practiced regularly, become second nature to learner.

The teacher should help the pupils develop desirable habits of the mind, especially those associated with the works of the scientists; being honest, truthful, persistent and dedicated to ones work.

All of these contributed to the pupils to become more and more scientifically literate.

I therefore conclude, that if we could bear these facts in the minds of the pupils, we could have scientists raised from Orion, Bataan, fifteen to twenty years from now.

By: Rosario M. Marquito, Calungusan Elementary School

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