In the Philippines, the curriculum is revised every ten years; however, the rapid rate of change in education and in technology, make the education officials to revisit and update the curriculum to be able to adopt to these changes.On its first year of implementation, the Sec 2010 was scrutinized by both teachers. The first year teachers of the Bataan Division were interviewed and some of their comments, suggestions and recommendations are the following:1. “At first, we didn’t fully understand UBD.”2. “UBD was developed by American proponents.”3. “More of literature lessons, than grammar lessons in English.”4. “Needs further refinement of the formulation of the SEC 2010.”5. “We prefer BEC 2002 than SEC 2010.”6. “Assessment tools are not well-defined.”More comments are given by first year teachers, the above are only some of them. We are calling the attention of SEC 2010 proponents to check on this and make necessary refinement for the second year implementation.Now on its second year of implementation, we hope to see more improvements as the second year teachers implement SEC 2010.


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